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  關于家鄉類的雅思口語話題的常見題型:Where do you come from ?Can you tell me something about your hometown? Do you think your hometown a good place for young people to live? How can you make comparison between Beijing and your hometown?這種雅思口語話題類型的考題我們在回答的時候應該根據考生各自的背景準備一些關于自己家鄉的特色,美食或是景點的語料。家鄉特色可以著眼于家鄉的文化,如entertainment娛樂,high-rise building高建筑,infrastructure基礎設施建設,transportation system交通系統,educational situation教育現狀等入手。進而積累一些表達be famous for…;… is unique in ...;… is special for its …;… is well-known for its …因…而著名…


  My hometown is a coastal city, which offers some of the best beaches in China. 我的家是沿海城市擁有中國最美麗的海灘。


  My hometown is an inland city best-known for the gentle, rolling hills surrounding it. 我家是內陸城市,群山環繞。


  My hometown is the one, which steeped in time-honored traditions.我家是歷史古都,有著久遠的歷史。




  1. What changes have taken place in your city in recent years?


  當然你家鄉近幾年的變化一定有很多,但大家盡量不要試圖把所有的變化都說出來,最好只挑出一個最重要的,然后使用我們之前講過的第二種方法compare & contrast來進行對過去和現在的對比。


  Example:I think one of the most important changes that has taken place in my hometown in recent years might be the tall buildings. I remember 20 years ago, my city was just like a small village with small houses everywhere. However, the city now has evolved into a modern metropolis where numbers of skyscrapers have gone up, such as shopping malls, office buildings and apartment buildings.


  2. Is there something that still needs to be developed in your hometown? (why not?)


  “有什么東西在你的家鄉仍需要改進的地方”相當于“你對你的家鄉還有什么不滿意的地方”。對于此題大家可以圍繞一個點來談(cause & effect)或從多個點切入(examples)。


  A1: Well, one thing I am not happy about my city is the transportation. There are too many people traveling back and from work or school every day, so in rush hours, buses and subway trains are crowded with commuters. Consequently, daily travel round the city becomes a nuisance!


  A2: There are actually quite a few things that I’d like to mention: the heavy traffic, the housing price that is unaffordable to ordinary people, the pollution and poor education. I think the government has a lot to improve!